RCD Safety Switches in Frankston


Is an RCD safety switch installation the need of the hour in your Frankston, VIC place?

Many a time, we are all are pretty unaware that many electrical mishaps and accidents that have occurred and are occurring in Frankston or anywhere can be prevented if you install RCD or if RCD installation in Frankston is engaged in.

And that is why Residual Current Devices (RCD) or RCD installation compliance certificate in Frankston has to be mandatorily carried out and it is a requirement for homes or businesses in Frankston and practically anywhere. It is said that you should install at least two RCDs have to be installed or if it is not adhered to then the RCD installations should be undertaken immediately.

RCD Switch Installation in Frankston

And that is where the electricians of Your Electrical come in very handy. We want to lay emphasis on the fact that having an RCD installed in your place is of utmost importance. And this safety gear will definitely help protect residents of the home or building.

When you go in for Residual Current Devices (RCD) installations, you have ensured the safety of all people working or residing in the home or building.

And yes before you install the Residual Current Devices (RCD) you have to first get a RCD testing in Frankston done.

And in this regard, you may speak to our local electricians and have us come in and test and inspect your place and help answer any queries you may have about having RCDs installed with compliance certificate, RCD testing and concerns you may have in this regard.

The importance of RCD safety switch installation and RCD safety switch test

Installations of RCDs offer that extra round of safety in any home or office and prevent kids or anyone from getting electrocuted and protect the residents in the event there is a power surge, fuse or fault in the electrical equipment. And that is when an RCD safety switch is installed, it offers an extra round of protection.

That is why RCD installation is considered a must-do because of the scores of benefits it comes with and takes care and prevents any electrical accident from occurring. And RCD testing and installation with compliance certificate is one of our core service offerings.

Here's why you should rely on Your Electrical to test and install RCD or have RCDs installed:

  • We are certified Masters and NECA electricians who specialise in Residual Current Devices (RCD) installations and testing with compliance certificate
  • We are reliable Frankston-based electricians
  • Wе have on board electricians who render a range of electrical services with fuse or fault
  • Wе consider your place like ours and that is why we install, and test the RCD with utmost care
  • Have RCD testing and installations done by experienced, local electricians in Frankston
  • First-rate Residual Current Devices (RCD) installation and RCD test and testing service carried out with integrity and reliability with compliance certificate
RCD Testing Frankston
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